CPANDALiterature Database Search tips

The search defaults to "or" when more than one word is entered.
Boolean operators (such as and, or, & not) currently do not work in searching the literature database. If we institute a new search engine that accepts Boolean operators, the search tips will be updated accordingly.
To join search terms with an "and", you must place a + in front of each of the search terms.
Example: +arts +participation
To exclude a word from the search, place a - in front of the term.
Example:arts -participation
You must use * for truncation at the end of a word.
Example: music* -- will find music, musicians, musical
You may limit your search by field and by material.
When limiting by date a four digit year must be entered.
Example: 1999
Note:Limiters (such as date and document type) can not be used alone; they must be added to a search.
The search results are relevancy ranked.