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Use this search box for searching the CPANDA website and study descriptions of datasets. This search does not search questions within data sets.

Search survey questions across all data sets

Use this search box to search for keywords in the text of the questions, variable labels, and response categories for the variables in all the data sets in the data archive.

Search survey questions in a specific data set

To search for survey questions in a specific data set, go to the Summary page for the data set and click on "search questions" in the left menu bar.

Search tips

  • Boolean operators (such as and, or and not) do not work on the current CPANDA search engine. We will update the search tips if this changes.
  • The search default is "Or".
  • You can "and" items by typing a + sign before each term of the search. Example: "+arts +religion"
  • You can exclude a word from the search by typing a - sign before it. Example: "+arts -religion"
  • To search a phrase use quotes. Example: "Brooklyn Museum"