Online Data Analysis

Did you know that you can analyze data online at CPANDA?

First, find a data set you would like to explore, then look to the right-hand side of any data set page to find the Data Analysis Tools box. In that box, you can either click "Quick Analysis" or "Advanced Analysis" to jump to an online analysis form. These tools can calculate frequencies or perform cross-tabulations for you. Advanced analysis even allows you to re-code variables and perform regressions.

CPANDA's Literature Database

To supplement CPANDA's data holdings, we offer a Literature Database which allows users to find citations for print resources relevant to arts and cultural policy. These resources include articles, books, reports, working papers, dissertations, and more. The literature all have an empirical research focus, but may be based on data not included in CPANDA.

Other CPANDA Resources

CPANDA also has developed additional resources to help users understand and use the data on the site.